Our Products

Business Insurance:

The business sector is what drives the development of any country; at AAA we know the added value that each of your businesses has to offer to Egypt and that is why we work diligently to offer everything you need to ensure your company is an ongoing success. We offer our business clients everything from A-Z when it comes to coverage for financial losses including criminal acts, liabilities, and accidents or losses. Our experience on a global scale has given us the opportunity to serve many and we hope that we can use our international expertise to serve you.

 BI (business interruption)

All companies follow business plans but you never know when something might go wrong. Unknown accidents can make the productivity of any business plummet, effecting normal everyday operations. Our Business Interruption (BI) insurance policies ensure that your company gets a full reimbursement for lost time and money for business interruption, including technical problems with equipment, missing persons, etc.

Industrial all risk / Machinery breakdown / Electronic equipment

Timing and precision are key for all industrial owners. Should the production line be affected in any way, getting industrial all risk insurance will guarantee that all costs resulting from machinery breakdown or electronic defects are covered and that your production line or facility will be up and running again, in the shortest time possible. Don’t risk delaying orders or losing part of your production. You can have instant peace of mind by getting coverage for machinery breakdown!  

Contractors all risk/plant

The construction process, as unpredictable as it can be, needs the proper insurance coverage. Our company offers a wide range of all-risk policies which will offer both individuals and corporations complete coverage of the whole construction process ranging from equipment, construction site to the working personnel.

General/public liability

The private sector has always been made for the benefit of the public, but there comes a time when unpredictable events can take place. Our public liability insurance policy helps protect citizens against work-related accidents.



Product liability/recall

The corporate world is involved in the production process and caters to the needs and wants of the public, but we all must admit that sometimes products can malfunction, even with the best of planning. Product liability insurance is made to protect you from financial losses caused by claims as a result of flawed or malfunctioning products, or in the case of order recalls.

Bankers blanket bond

Banks and financial institutions are exposed to the highest levels of financial loss, most of which results from criminal behavior. Theft, embezzlement, holds up, forgery and fraud are all real risks in today's financial sector.  AAA’s Bankers Blanket Bond plans address these risks. Our packages are specifically tailored for banks and other financial institutions. This bond may be applied to individual staff or to job posts in your company.

Fidelity guarantee

Many companies are at risk of theft. AAA’s fidelity guarantee bonds help protect companies from financial losses caused by criminal acts, including:

  • Theft
  • Forgery
  • Fraud
  • Burglaries

Because we value your financial security, we customize individual packages that will meet your company’s needs.


Professional indemnity

We all do our best to work hard, but sometimes we make mistakes. If your business specializes in giving professional advice, whether you’re in consulting, legal work, or in the medical field, our professional indemnity policies protects your firm or practice from losses should any mistakes occur. It is all part of our attitude to help people pick themselves up when they fall down.



Directors and officers liability

AAA offers directors and officers complete coverage for any financial losses that result from defense costs, such as legal actions in case of the criminal investigation or law suits. These policies are made to ensure that such financial challenges will be managed in an effective and secure fashion to keep our clients up and running even during the harshest times.

Financial institution liability

Our coverage policies  help provide coverage for many types of financial institutions, including stock brokerages, asset management firms, banking firms, and leasing companies to protect them from the damage resulting from professional liability and criminal acts either from customers or employees. AAA’s policies are undoubtedly your best defense!