What Do We Offer

What Do We Offer

Insurance and reinsurance broking via:

  • Preparing insurance specifications
  • Providing different options and plans


Trust is at the very heart of what secures financial relationships. Our brokerage is in the business of providing you with the best insurance coverage policies on an individual and a corporate level. Buying the right insurance policy for your firm is one of the toughest decisions to make. As your trusted advisor, we will help guide you through the process to ensure your specific needs are met. With our extensive portfolio of clients, we are prepared to secure your company’s financial future.


The first thing that every business or organization needs before taking on any venture is knowledge and experience. Those are two things that can’t be bought but can be earned through years of hard work and discipline, especially in the insurance market. AAA prides itself with being one of the firms in Egypt and the Middle East which offers a full consultancy service with regards to corporate insurance policies.

AAA walks you through insurance on an organizational level taking you through the process from A-Z. With AAA as your guide, you will be guaranteed:

  • Professional advising for all financial and budgeting decisions involving insurance.
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Training and one-on-one sessions on managing insurance policies

Marketing and securing insurance coverage by:

  •  Preparing bid tender documents
  •  Obtain competitive quotations
  •  Review, analyze and evaluate insurance proposals and quotations
  •  Prepare recommendations as to the most advantageous and appropriate offer

 Administration of insurance policies through:

  • Reviewing and checking policies
  • Assist in preparation of documentation in support of losses, claims, processing
  • follow up and expedition until final claims settlement is achieved
  • Assist in the interpretation and enforcing of the terms and conditions of the insurance policies
  • Advise on any specific questions regarding insurance matters
  • Advise on any dispute that may occur with the insurance company


Establish information systems

Develop risk management programs


Constructing insurance procedures and actions.

Insurance consultancy

Insurance agency

Negotiations with project lenders

Risk Management

All decisions in life involve an element of risk. Though the future may be unpredictable, there is science behind assessing risk in all your financial decisions, especially when it comes to insurance. It is these types of decisions which organizations tackle every day and we have to admit misfortunes and mishaps are inevitable. Our risk management insurance policies seek to limit the risks that organizations face every day. Our services include:

  • Assurance that you have the right kind of insurance policies to ensure that you meet your financials in times of crisis.
  • Assurance  of cost-effectiveness through eliminating duplication or overlapping coverage
  • Providing annual assessments of our policies to ensure for maximum results
  • Providing on-the spot crisis analysis

There is no set formula for risk management insurance policies. We at AAA tailor the packages according to your needs.